Adding a Signature Line to QuickBooks Estimates

How to Customize Estimates in QuickBooks

A number of readers asked how to add a signature line to their QuickBooks estimates where customers can sign to indicate approval. The Custom Estimate template can accommodate this; all you have to do is enable it. 

  1. Open the Estimates window in QuickBooks- it shouldn't matter which Estimates template you use (we use the standard Custom Estimates template).
  2. Click the Customize icon at the top of the window and move to the Footer tab.
  3. Select the Signature option in the Print column (you don't need to see the signature line on the screen when you're preparing an estimate). The signature line appears in the preview screen below the Total.
  4. If you wish, change the text from Signature to something more descriptive, such as "I agree (sign and date)".

(You can use the QuickBooks layout designer to move the signature line to the left or center of the form, or to shorten the line-item section of the form to provide more space for the signature.)

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