Can’t Find a Customer in QuickBooks?

Locating Inactive Customers in QuickBooks

A reader wrote to say he can’t find one of his customers in his QuickBooks company file. The customer name isn’t displayed in the Customer Center. He can locate payments from the customer in the bank register, and he can open those payments and locate the invoice by clicking the History link on the payment. But using the QuickBooks Find feature won’t locate any transactions linked to this customer. He’s rebuilt the company file, but nothing helps.

We wrote back to ask him to choose All Customers in the top field of the Customer List in order to check for customers who were marked “Inactive”, and sure enough, that’s what had happened. This is a common occurrence, so if any QuickBooks list element is missing always check for Inactive entries. Judging from the volume of mail we receive about missing list elements, it’s not unusual for the Inactive status to be applied inadvertently.


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