Get Rid of Online Payment Option in Your QuickBooks Invoices

How to Change QuickBooks Payment Preferences

As QuickBooks gets more and more aggressive about trying to sell you services, we receive more and more e-mail complaining about the annoying messages that have to be dismissed before you can get your work done. But now QuickBooks has gone to new heights, making annoying sales pitches seem tame. By default, your invoices have a link your customers can click (if you send a PDF file) or type into a browser (if you send a printed copy) to pay you directly via an online payment service. This online payment service is not activated unless you sign up for this service, and, of course it's not free. However, even if you don't buy the service, your invoices have the link and a customer who wants to use this method clicks (or types) the link and gets an error message. You look foolish. You're offering your customer a way to pay your invoice without writing and mailing a check, and it looks as if you didn't know how to set it up. It's unconscionable that QuickBooks inserts this link if you haven't signed up for the service. You can (if you remember) deselect the option to include the link on the Invoice window, but you have to remember to deselect it for each invoice you create. Here's how to turn it off permanently:

  1. Choose Edit | Preferences and select the Payments category.
  2. Move to the Company Preferences tab and remove the check mark from the two options for online payments:
  • Show payment link in emailed invoices
  • Show payment link in printed invoices

Unfortunately, after you change the preferences the QuickBooks invoices that were prepared earlier still have the link. If you haven't yet printed those invoices, or if you have a reason to reprint an invoice, you must remember to deselect the option to include the link.


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