Internet Explorer Prompt When Opening QuickBooks

Viewing Secure Content in QuickBooks

Some users are reporting a message on QuickBooks startup that asks whether you want to see secure and insecure content. The message is from Internet Explorer (which QuickBooks uses even if your default browser is not IE). The message relates to your preference when a web page has both secure and insecure content. For IE 7 and earlier, you respond Yes to display both secure and insecure content. For IE 8 and later you respond No (because the question is worded differently). The object is to select the response that lets you see both types of content.

You can turn off this message in QuickBooks by changing the default settings for IE. Open IE and choose Tools-Internet Options and select the Security tab. Click the button labeled Custom Level and scroll through the list to find the listing named Display Mixed Content. Select Enable and click OK.

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