QuickBooks Cloud Computing

Server Based QuickBooks Features?

Our question, "Would you welcome features that are run from QuickBooks servers instead of within QuickBooks" returned the following poll results:

Yes= 38%

The e-mail from the Yes voters cited convenience.

The majority of the e-mail from the No voters mentioned the additional costs that Intuit would charge. Many messages voiced the opinion that they didn't trust Intuit to keep the servers up and running 24/7 (citing recent difficulties with Intuit's server-based applications). Quite a few messages said that Intuit's Sync Manager (required for many server-based features) had caused frequent complications and problems, and "un-synching" a file had been difficult. Some accountants and bookkeepers said the need to open a separate Intuit online services account for each QuickBooks company file was a strong deterrent.


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