Do Accountants Recommend QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Poll Results

We recently had two polls on our home page ( that asked site visitors to enter a Yes/No vote and then send e-mail to explain their votes. We received hundreds of votes but fewer e-mails than votes. Here are the results:


The e-mail explanations from those who voted “Yes” were almost identical (90% of the messages had the same theme): The accountants who recommend Enterprise Solutions announced that they support only QuickBooks and many of them have bookkeepers providing client services who only know QuickBooks. They have committed their clients and their practices to QuickBooks. Some said that clients would resist learning new software if they outgrew QuickBooks.

The e-mail explanations from those who voted “No” were also almost identical: They cited the high cost of Enterprise Solutions without any advantages in basic accounting functions. The sentiment, “In the end, it’s still QuickBooks with all of its limitations” was part of the explanation for the majority of these responses. These accountants said they prefer to recommend more powerful software for about the same cost. The majority of those messages mentioned the awkwardness of Items in QuickBooks (in more powerful software, items are reserved for inventory tracking and you post income to general ledger accounts), and the ability to use a divisionalized chart of accounts instead of classes.



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