QuickBooks File Won’t Open – Displays Error About Report

How to Open QuickBooks with a Clean Desktop

Rather frequently we hear from readers who ask for help because the company file won't open. QuickBooks displays an error message about a problem with a memorized report or a corrupt transaction, and then freezes.

This occurs when a window that was open when the file was last closed contains something that has become corrupt. The most common problem is with memorized report windows; something has corrupted the report. Many users keep reports, transaction windows, or lists open when they close their company files because they use those windows constantly while working in QuickBooks.

If something goes wrong with one of those open windows, QuickBooks freezes when it tries to open the file. To avoid this, we recommend that you automatically close all open windows when you close the file. To configure QuickBooks to close all windows when you close the file go to Edit, Preferences and choose the Desktop View icon. In the My Preferences tab select the option labeled Don't Save The Desktop. Create icons for fast access to the windows you use most; it only takes a second to display them.

If you encounter this problem, press and hold the Alt key when you launch QuickBooks. Release the Alt key when you enter your password, then press the Alt key again before clicking OK on the Login dialog. Continue to hold the Alt key until the company file opens – the file opens with no windows open. Your first chore is to change the configuration options as described in the previous paragraph.


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