QuickBooks Transaction Field Named “Other” Doesn’t Work as Expected

“Other” Field Missing from QuickBooks Reports

We have lots of queries from QuickBooks users who took advantage of the field named Other when they customized transaction templates. They used the Other field for a variety of things they want to track. Now they want to know how to include the text in the Other field in reports.

QuickBooks cannot generate reports that display data contained in a field labeled Other. Don’t use this field for any information you need to use as a filter for reports, or for data you want to view on reports.

The field labeled “Other” is pretty much useless, although we’ve used it successfully for things you want to know when preparing a QuickBooks transaction. For example, you can insert data in the Other field to indicate whether a customer wants backorders. Have the field appear on the screen (not the printed copy) for the Invoice template. This gives you information you need to prepare the invoice, but may not be needed for reports.

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