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QuickBooks "Annoyances" Poll Results

Every year, as users upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks, we receive a great many messages asking why the new version hasn't fixed . Many of the complaints include the same problems year after year after year.

We usually recommend that users take advantage of the Feedback command on the QuickBooks Help menu, because many folks at Intuit tell us that the company pays attention to messages from users. However, the evidence doesn't support that statement. According to our mail, several QuickBooks problems have generated user complaints for many years.

Here are the results of the last poll where we asked you to choose the QuickBooks problem you're most annoyed about and want Intuit to fix ASAP:

  • Select Multiple Listings with the Ctrl Key (a standard Windows function that most software supports) = 46%
  • Separate Numbering for Credit Memos = 42%
  • Separate Printer Setup for Each Company File = 12%

We hope all our readers will use the "winning complaint" each month in a feedback message (on the QuickBooks Help menu) to see if that will hasten the fix.


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