Removing the Pay Online Option in QuickBooks

How to Set QuickBooks Payment Options

We've received an enormous number of messages from users who want to know how to get rid of the QuickBooks option "Allow Online Payment" that's selected by default when they create an invoice. The printed or e-mailed invoice displays a message to the customer that online payment is available. None of our correspondents signed up for this fee-based service and indicated they have no desire to spend extra money collecting payments from customers. The message even prints on packing slips (which makes no sense at all). If users don't remember to deselect the option at the bottom of each invoice form, this confusing message is sent to the customer.

To turn off the option so you don't have to remember to deselect the check mark every time you create an invoice, go to Edit | Preferences | Payments in QuickBooks. In the Company Preferences tab, deselect the two options labeled Show Payment Link.

Unfortunately, deselecting this option doesn't remove the check mark from QuickBooks invoices you created before you changed the preference. If you haven't yet printed or e-mailed those invoices, open each invoice and manually remove the check mark.

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