QuickBooks How To – Replacing a Reimbursement Check

How to Reissue a Lost Check in QuickBooks

A reader wrote asking how to re-issue a reimbursement check, in QuickBooks, that was given to an employee at the end of last year. The employee never cashed the check and has now notified him that she inadvertently threw the check away. This was an expense for last year and the tax return is finished. He doesn't want to void the old check in QuickBooks because that will change the P & L for last year.

The easiest way to do this is to write a manual check and use the date of the original check. Go into the QuickBooks bank register and change the check number of the old check to the number of the manual check. Then, to avoid having a "missing check number", enter a new check directly into the register with the old number and mark it void.


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