Tracking New Customers in QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks Custom Fields to Track New Customers

We frequently receive questions from QuickBooks users who want to know how many new customers were acquired in the current year (or last year).

There’s no way to customize a report to obtain that information. However, you can configure QuickBooks to track this information in the future. Create a custom field named Year and fill in the appropriate year as you enter new customers. If you want to track the month in addition to the year, create a second customer field named Month. Then customize reports to filter by the year (and month) of interest. Remember that you must enter the text in custom fields identically each time you use the field. If you sometimes enter 2012 and sometimes enter 12 in the Year field, or you enter July, Jul, 7, and 07 in the month field, you can’t find the information easily.


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