Tracking Potential Customers in QuickBooks

How to Track Leads Using QuickBooks Estimates

We receive quite a few requests from users to help them track leads for which estimates have been created in QuickBooks. They don't want to add the customer unless the estimate is accepted.

There are several ways to do this, but here are two suggestions that users report work well.

  1. Create a customer named Leads or Prospects. When you create an estimate, fill in the Name/Address block with the current prospect's information. When you save/print the estimate QuickBooks asks if you want to change the customer's information to match this name/address: Answer NO. After the prospect accepts the estimate you can create a new customer. When you create a Quick Report on the customer named Leads/Prospects, you can see the name entered in each transaction. Open the original estimate and change the customer name to that of the new customer.
  2. Create a customer named Leads or Prospects and create jobs for each estimate. If the prospect becomes a customer you can change the job to a customer (move the job listing to the left in the QuickBooks Customer List).
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