Accepting Customer Payments for Specific Items in QuickBooks

Applying Partial Payments to QuickBooks Line Items

We get hundreds of letters each year from users who want to apply partial payments from customers to specific line items. They sell multiple items, e.g. Item A for 100.00, Item B for $50.00, Item C for $25.00; this creates an invoice in the amount of $175.00. The customer sends $100.00 to pay for Item A. QuickBooks merely records a partial payment for the amount, and there's no way to link that payment to Item A. Quite a few of these correspondents complain that QuickBooks should be criticized for this "lack".

Cmon' folks, this is silly. We don't hesitate to criticize QuickBooks for badly designed or missing features, but applying a partial payment without regard to line items is normal behavior.

Let's say you have a department store charge account and buy a couch for $2000.00 and a chair for $700.00. When you send a payment of $2000.00, do you think the store's software is noting that the chair remains "unpaid for"? Nope, the store's software merely notes that you still owe $700.00.

Do any of your credit cards track the items you're paying for when you send a partial payment that matches a specific item? Nope. And their accounting software is even more sophisticated (and more expensive) than QuickBooks.

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