Deleting Old Vendors, Customers, and Accounts in QuickBooks

How to Delete Old QuickBooks Customers & Vendors

A reader wrote to ask how to get rid of QuickBooks vendors, customers, and accounts that haven't been used in many years. She doesn't want to continue to maintain a long list of inactive listings.

Rename the first such listing "OldAccnts", "OldCustomers", and "OldVendors" (depending on the QuickBooks list you're working on). Merge the next one with the newly-named old one. Merge the next one with the same new "old" one. Keep going until all of them are merged into one. Make that one inactive.

To merge listings, open the listing you don't want to keep and rename it to match the listing you want to keep (in this case, the one you named "Old…"). QuickBooks asks if you want to merge, say Yes.

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