Partially Filled Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

How to Receive Items Against Open QuickBooks Purchase Orders

We receive a lot of queries from readers asking how to straighten out the QuickBooks problem that results from receiving a partial purchase order. Purchases orders are marked "closed" even though the supplier indicated that an item, or some quantity of an item, is backordered. After some back-and-forth messaging in which we asked specific questions, we learned that many people automatically receive the purchase order without changing the quantity received in the Enter Bill or Received Items transaction window.

When you select one of the "receive items" commands, as soon as you enter the vendor name, QuickBooks displays open POs for that vendor. When you select the appropriate PO, QuickBooks fills in the new transaction window with the data from the PO. By default, QuickBooks assumes the PO is filled. If the PO is not completely filled don't click the Save button in the Enter Bills or Receive Items window (which is apparently what many people do). Instead, change the quantity received, and QuickBooks will keep the PO open, showing the balance due. QuickBooks does not close the PO until the quantity ordered has been received. If your supplier is not going to be able to fill your PO, open the PO and put a check mark in the Closed check box at the bottom of the PO form to prevent the PO from appearing in the Open PO reports.

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