QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problem

How to Resolve a QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problem

A reader sent e-mail that started with, "Help, I'm going crazy trying to send invoices". Here's what happened. He usually sends invoices weekly, but on this particular week his assistant created the invoices and printed them. All of the invoices printed incorrectly, with a very large top margin (almost 2" deep). The same thing happened when he voided and re-created the invoices. He tried using the QuickBooks Layout Designer but it didn't work. He opened another company file, and he also opened a sample company file, but the same thing happened. If he prints to another printer, including a PDF converter printer, the large top margin is always there. He verified the file and everything is fine. What's the most likely cause of his problem?

The most common reason for this problem is that somebody selected "Letterhead" as the paper type for printing invoices (instead of Blank Paper). QuickBooks moved everything down to make room for the pre-printed letterhead. The change could have been made in any company file, including a sample company file. Once a printer setup is changed in any company file, the change is replicated to all company files because QuickBooks configures printers for the entire installation of the software instead of individual company files (which we think is a preposterous and unwise way to design accounting software).

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