Resending a Printed QuickBooks Check

How to Reissue a Destroyed Check in QuickBooks

A reader had the following problem: "A vendor inadvertently destroyed a check I sent to him two months ago (it was in a pile of paper going through the shredder). The check was printed and sent in January and if I void it my January reports will change, and they've already been sent to the bank that holds my line of credit. How can I re-issue the check in QuickBooks without changing anything in the reports?"

Open the check and select the TO PRINT check box, and print it using the next check number. QuickBooks will just change the check number on that check; the date, amount, etc. stays the same.

If you track the check numbers of voided checks (so you don't have any missing check numbers) in QuickBooks, just create a check with the original number and void it.

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