Voiding a Check from a Prior Year in QuickBooks

How to Void a Previous Year's Check in QuickBooks

Many many readers ask this question: How can I void a check in QuickBooks that I wrote last year, that never cleared? One reader wrote recently to say his accountant said he can't change last year's numbers because his tax return used those numbers.

First of all, good for you for asking your accountant; because too many users just plunge in and do stuff without asking, and then have to pay their accountants more when the beginning numbers for the current tax year don't match the ending numbers from the previous tax year.

Instead of voiding a QuickBooks transaction from the previous year, enter a deposit using the current date. Use the same payee, the same amount, and the same expense account as the check you wanted to void. When you reconcile the bank account clear both the outstanding check and the deposit you created (since they "wash" they don't change the reconciled balance).

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