Voiding QuickBooks Checks that Don’t Print Properly

How to Create a QuickBooks Report on Voided Checks

A reader wrote to ask how to get a QuickBooks report on voided checks, most of which result from printer jams.

When you have a printing problem and QuickBooks asks if printing succeeded, saying No and entering the next check number doesn't cause QuickBooks to VOID the check that didn't print (most accounting software does this automatically).

Run a Missing Checks report in QuickBooks (from the Banking Report menu) and you should see the missing numbers. If you want them to show up in the register as VOID – create the check in the register (for a penny) using the missing number and then void the check.

To create a QuickBooks report on voided checks:

1. Select the bank account in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and press Ctrl-Q to open a QuickReport.
2. Choose Customize Report (Modify Report in pre 2012 QuickBooks versions) and move to the Filters tab.
3. In the Filter List, select Voided, and then select Yes.
4. Memorize the report in QuickBooks (name it Voided Checks Report).

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