Exporting Customized Reports Created in QuickBooks Pro

How to Export Customized QuickBooks Pro Reports

Readers who use QuickBooks Pro have written to ask us how to get a report they customized in one company file into another company file instead of rebuilding the report from scratch for each company file that needs this report.

Only QuickBooks Premier editions can export reports. All editions of QuickBooks can import reports.

The easiest way to export your customized report is to find someone who uses a QuickBooks Premier edition of the same version (year) as your version. If you don't know anyone who fits that description, ask your accountant or see if your accountant might ask a QuickBooks Premier edition user on your behalf.

Back up the QuickBooks company file that contains the report to a USB flash drive and restore it on that person's computer. Save the restored file to the USB flash drive. Open the Memorized Reports list and export the memorized report to the flash drive (the file is saved in the format <ReportName>.QBR).

When you get back to your own computer, open each QuickBooks company file that needs the report and import the report from the flash drive (you can delete the company file and the backup file that's on the flash drive).


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