Safeguarding QuickBooks Customized Templates

How to Backup Customized QuickBooks Templates

We receive frequent laments from users who tell us that a customized QuickBooks template (transaction form) has stopped working properly. Often, these users tell us they no longer remember all the steps they took to add fields, move fields, and so on; they don't want to face starting all over. Sometimes, the problem is that QuickBooks clobbered the template, rendering it corrupt. Most of the time, however, the problem is that another user decided to change the customization and totally messed everything up.

When you've created a customized form you can save a copy so you have a replacement if something happens to the template in your QuickBooks company file. To do this, use the Export command at the bottom of the Templates list window to export the template to a folder on your computer (make sure it's a folder that's backed up, such as My Documents – you ARE backing up your My Documents folders every day, right?). The file is saved with a .DES extension. To replace a messed-up template, use the Import command at the bottom of the Templates list window to import the safety backup copy.


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