Bank Balance is Different in QuickBooks Balance Sheet

How to Fix QuickBooks Bank Balance and Balance Sheet Mismatches

A reader wrote with the following problem: "When I ran this month's balance sheet, the bank balance differed from the amount displayed in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts window. I ran the report on the last day of the month, so it's not a date difference. I ran the Verify feature and the file is fine. What could cause this problem?"

When this occurs, it almost always means that the bank balance displayed in the COA window includes transactions dated beyond the current date. Open the bank register and look for post-dated transactions (QuickBooks displays a blue line in the register above transactions dated in the future). The bank balance above the blue line should match your balance sheet amount. One common cause is post-dated paychecks, because many bookkeepers prepare payroll at the end of the payroll period and the paycheck date is later than the last date of the payroll period.

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