Delete a QuickBooks Deposit

How to Remove a Deposit in QuickBooks

A reader wrote that he'd used the Make Deposits window to deposit 11 checks. When he went to the bank he remembered that one of the checks was supposed to be held for a few days before depositing it. He deposited the other 10 checks, and wants to know how to correct the deposit total in QuickBooks.

Use the Previous button on the Make Deposits window to find the deposit (or right-click the deposit listing in the account register and select Edit Deposit). Select the line with the check you didn't deposit and press Ctrl+Del (hold down the Ctrl key while you press the Delete key). That check is removed from the deposit (and will be waiting for you the next time you open the Make Deposits window), and QuickBooks will re-calculate the amount of the deposit so you can reconcile the account at the end of the month.


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