How to Bring Back QuickBooks Hidden Reimbursable Expenses

Un-hiding Reimbursable Expenses in QuickBooks

We get this QuickBooks question frequently: "While preparing invoices, I selected "Hide" for some reimbursable expenses. Now I want to invoice the customer for the expenses, but I can't figure out how to "un-hide" those costs."

Hide means delete or remove (Intuit really should change that text). Hiding billable costs removes them from the customer record as billable costs, but the link to the customer in the original transaction line is not removed, so the information still appears for job costing purposes. If you change your mind, and want to invoice the customer, open the original vendor transaction in QuickBooks and put a check mark in the Billable column. The next time you prepare an invoice, the reimbursement is available. (If you don't want to include the costs in the invoice you're currently preparing, but plan to include the costs in a later invoice, don't hide them, merely skip them; they'll remain so you can use them in a future invoice.)


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