Payment Incorrectly Recorded in QuickBooks

How to Change a QuickBooks Sales Receipt To an Invoice Payment

A reader wrote with the following problem: "A customer sent a check that should have been a payment on an invoice, but was entered as a sales receipt. When I discovered the error (weeks later), I tried to void the sales receipt and replace it with a payment. QuickBooks displayed error messages about the need to remove the deposit before I can remove the sales receipt transaction. The payment was deposited in the bank, and the bank account was reconciled, before I discovered this mistake. How do I correct this?"

Issue a credit to the customer, using the same item you used when you entered the sales receipt. This will "wash" the additional income you recorded in the sales receipt, over and above the income recorded with the invoice. Then open the QuickBooks Receive Payments window, select the customer, and apply the credit you just created to the open invoice.


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