QuickBooks Automatically Open Drop-down Lists QuickTip

Automatically Open Drop-down Lists When Typing in QuickBooks

 This option works with fields on transaction windows that are linked to lists (Customer, Vendor, Item, etc). If enabled, you can start typing without clicking the down-arrow and QuickBooks will take you to the first listing that matches your typing. If no matches exist in the list (you type a Q and there are not listings that start with a Q) the list doesn’t open and you have to click the down-arrow and scroll to find your target. To have the drop-down lists open automatically:

  1. Choose Edit | Preferences from the QuickBooks menu bar.
  2. Click the General icon on the left pane and then click the My Preferences tab.
  3. Select Automatically Open Drop-Down Lists When Typing option by clicking the check box.
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