Running QuickBooks in the Background QuickTip

Keeping QuickBooks Running in the Background

If you need to open QuickBooks frequently throughout the day, the program will launch faster if QuickBooks is running in the background all of the time. Using the Keep QuickBooks Running For Quick Startups option, each time you open QuickBooks, it will load immediately. However, keeping QuickBooks running takes up RAM and other computer resources. In addition, you may have trouble updating, uninstalling, or repairing QuickBooks because software needs to be closed in order to apply changes. To configure this option to best meet your needs:

  1. Choose Edit | Preferences from the QuickBooks menu bar.
  2. Click the General icon on the left pane and then click the My Preferences tab.
  3. Select or deselect the Keep QuickBooks Running For Quick Startups check box to enable or disable this option.
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