How to Set Up Price Levels in QuickBooks QuickTip

Creating Price Levels in QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers a great way to apply special pricing to customers and jobs. There are a few steps in QuickBooks that you must take to use this feature. First, you must enable Price Levels. Once Price Levels have been enabled you must then create one or more price levels in QuickBooks. Each price level has two components: a name and a formula. The name can be anything you wish, and the formula is a percentage of the price you entered for the items in your Item list. For example, to give your favorite customers an excellent discount you could name the price level something like “Special” or “StarCustomer.” Then enter a healthy percentage by which to reduce the price of items purchased by this customer. To set up your price levels in QuickBooks:

1.      Choose Lists | Price Level List from the QuickBooks menu bar.

2.      Press CTRL-N to open the New Price Level dialog.

3.      Give the price level a name using the Price Level Name text box.

4.      Specify whether the price level is a decrease or increase against an item price.

5.      Enter the percentage of increase or decrease of the price.

6.      Select a rounding algorithm using the drop-down list and then click OK.

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