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Running QuickBooks in Nonprofits Excerpt – Chapter 15

Monday, November 28th, 2011

QuickBooks Fundraising Tools

QuickBooks contains tools and features that can help you raise money, especially from donors and members. These constituents are the primary sources of income for many small nonprofit organizations. In addition, you need to track all your fundraising efforts in QuickBooks transactions.

It’s possible to track individual members and donors in QuickBooks, but you need to be careful about keeping the number of entries within the size limits imposed by the QuickBooks structure (see the next section to learn about file size limits).

The more information you keep about members and donors in QuickBooks, the easier it is to create targeted fundraising campaigns. Sending a fundraising letter, or creating a fundraising event and targeting people who have a known interest in some specific angle of the fundraising topic can sub- stantially increase the amount of money you raise.

In this chapter I’ll show you how to track information about members and donors in ways that are useful for fundraising, and for tracking participation in activities. I’ll also explain the QuickBooks  configuration settings you need for tracking the income and expenses involved with fundraising.