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QuickBooks 2008 Support Ends

Friday, November 11th, 2011

QuickBooks 2008 Feature Limitations

On May 31, 2011 Intuit stopped supporting QuickBooks 2008 (Intuit calls this “sunsetting” the software.)

QuickBooks will continue to run, but no further updates to fix bugs will be released. More important, QuickBooks services that are accessed outside of the software will no longer work (online banking, payroll, merchant card services, QuickBooks e-mail, etc.). If you don’t use any QuickBooks services, you can continue to work in QuickBooks 2008. If you need any of these services you have to update your version of QuickBooks. (Incidentally, updating is a good idea because QuickBooks 2012 has many useful features that don’t exist in QuickBooks 2008.)

If you choose to keep using QuickBooks you need to think about how to re-install it when your computer or hard drive dies (notice that I said “when”, not “if”). Your original QuickBooks software CD is probably an earlier version than the version you were running, because you updated QuickBooks over the years. If you have to re-install the software, your company file won’t open because it was saved with a later version of 2008. QuickBooks continues to provide manual updates for sunsetted products, or you can prepare for this eventuality yourself:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks support site.
  2. Download the manual update file (for QuickBooks 2008, it’s R-10). Be sure to choose Save in the Download dialog.
  3. After the file is saved on your hard drive, burn the file to a CD. Label the CD “2008 R10″ and put it away with your original QuickBooks software CD. If you have to reinstall QuickBooks, run the download file after you’ve finished installing the CD. Then open your company file.


QuickBooks – How to Stop the Live Community Window From Opening

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Updating the Live Community Preference in QuickBooks

Many readers ask how to stop the QuickBooks Live Community Window from opening when they open QuickBooks or open Help.

Go to Edit – Preferences – Desktop View in QuickBooks and deselect the option labeled Show Live Community.

QuickBooks – How to Get Rid of The Payment Services Ads on Sales Forms

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

QuickBooks 2010 Update

All of you who wrote to express your anger about the space used to try to sell you payment services on the Sales Receipt and Receive Payment windows will be happy to learn that Update R5 for QuickBooks 2010 lets you get rid of that annoyance.

After you install the QuickBooks Update and open either transaction form, click the link labeled Close Toolbar at the top of the left pane. (Yes, Intuit actually calls this advertising method a "Toolbar".) When you select the option to get rid of it, you're told that you can put it back by choosing Edit, Preferences, and going to the My Preferences tab of the Sales & Customers category. (Who would put it back?)

QuickBooks update R5 has a number of other fixes, and you can read about them by putting the following URL in your browser's Address Bar: