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Death of a Friend

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I first met Kathy Ivens when she was writing for MacMillan Publishing and I was her editor. From the first words we exchanged it was an adversarial relationship, which of course is not unusual between editor and author. However, since we both shared a similar sense of humor and love of good sarcasm, we eventually became close personal friends. In reality she was an editor's dream – a great writer, always on time, and flexible (well, sort of). Being a good editor, I was demanding, persistent, and inflexible – in other words a pain in the ass. Of course this meant we butted heads frequently, and had some fabulous exchanges, both verbal and via e-mail. After we became friends I found out that she regularly referred to me to friends and family as ET (Editor Tom, or so she said). 

I'm not going to get sloppy about her passing (I know she'll keep her word and come back to haunt me – she, too, could be a pain in the ass), but I am going to miss her terribly. 

Tom Barich

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